Inspection & Quality


  Nordic CQS provides Vendor Inspection & Expediting and Quality Services


  • Independent quality inspection and verification for all project phases, Shop & Site inspections
  • Full-range of field inspection services, including both (TPI or SPI) for new manufacturing projects and

       Construction projects on site or at the vendors & Suppliers locations


  • If you are the Project Clients, we serve you by
  • Visit your supplier locations to ensure that all your quality requirements are applied.
  • Deal with all the quality matters NOI attending, OPL, NCRs follow up & MDRB review.
  • If you are a project Vendor / Supplier we serve you by
  • Serve you at your locations including your supplier’s locations to ensure your products quality are with compliance with the client requirements & specifications.
  • Representing your quality department in front of your clients to handle your quality matters with your clients.
  • If you are approved agency for the project
  • We can be your vendor for quality services.


The company operates within the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas products & Marine industry equipments
  • Subsea tools & equipments
  • Power generation & Diesel engines
  • Steel making & forging
  • Mechanical equipments manufacturing & testing
  • Wind & Solar industry (Manufacturing)
  • Electrical & Instruments assembly
  • H2 Industry & applications control


  • Source inspections are tailored to meet specific client needs and include:

Testing & production Witnessing.

– Review of material test reports.

– Mechanical tests, factory acceptance tests, hydrostatic and performance tests.

– Welder performance qualifications witnessing & Welding inspection

– Nondestructive testing (NDT) II & III – Witnessing only or Applying the test by our equipments

– Review of welding & testing procedures according to nominate standers by client

– Examination of the products according with the agreed QCP

– Surface preparation, Painting & Coating inspection.

– Shipping Verification, including quantity & proper packing, identification, marking and weighing.

– Final documents review MDRB & Order completion.